Our Approach

We love to help businesses. Whether you’re a small business or large business, just give us a call, email or text and we’ll meet with you. This is our approach. To sit down and discuss your needs, dreams and goals. Then, we will illustrate your business to the next level. No matter where you are in your business, it all begins with a simple meeting over tea or coffee.

Our Story

Heather Lawrence began early in life doing sketches and drawings. Her passion for this turned into pursuing and completing a degree in Graphic Design. She did internships for several businesses and then recently launched her business. Her desire to help people has led to business opportunities and partnerships. She looks forward to see where this journey will continue to take her. Learn more about why we chose a Pheonix Logo in our first blog.

Meet the Team

Yes, we're a husband and wife team. We hope to meet with you soon to show you how we can illustrate your business to the next level!

Lawrence Creative Design Team

John and Heather Lawrence

Meet the team of Lawrence Creative Designs! Heather is the Owner and Graphic Designer. John is the salesman, inspiration, and business manager. 

We were married in October, 2016 and are  having fun in faith, love, life and business!

Next Steps...

Now that you know a very little bit about us, how about giving us an email, call or text and let's meet. We want to help illustrate your business to the next level!