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We love to help businesses. Whether you’re a small business or large business, just give us a call, email, or text and we’ll meet with you. This is our approach, to sit down and discuss your needs, dreams, and goals. Then, we will illustrate your business to the next level! No matter where you are in your business, it all begins with a simple meeting over tea or coffee. You envision it, we creat it.

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"Thank you, Heather Lawrence!!! You do amazing work!"

-Nancy D. | Founder at A Little Bee-Hind Apiary

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"I hired Heather to help with updating my firm's logo. She listened to my wishes re: the image I wanted to project while keeping a nod to the past for consistency. She took that information and created an updated logo that blends both the past and the future direction we are focusing on. It was a wonderful experience. I plan on using her services again in the near future!"

-Kathy S. | Founder at Strategic Tax & Business Services

"I needed some graphic design and advertising work done for my business and Heather spent quality time with me to design everything perfectly. She was patient, detail oriented and professional and did an amazing job for me."

-Janet Palombi | Co-Owner and Co-Founder of the Palombi Team Reality Executives


"I hired Heather to do business cards for me. I have several business lines that she made business cards for each. Also, I have used business outdoor signs and marketing postcards that she designed for me. Heather does very creative work and I highly recommend her work at a very reasonable cost."

-Evelyn S. | Nutrametrix Wellness Business Consultant

"Heather is such a joy to work with! I wouldn't call myself picky but maybe I am. I asked Heather to make many changes and not once did she make me feel like I was asking too much. I could actually "feel" her smile in her email replies! Her work is top-notch and she completely understood what I was looking for! Her response time is fast - she'll even respond just to tell you about what time she'll be back with your changes. Don't look elsewhere if you're looking for an amazing and affordable graphic artist!"

-Christine Maentz Cba

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We want to work with you on your next big project! Email us today at We look forward to talking to you soon!



Now that you know a very little bit about us, how about giving us an email, call or text and let's meet. We want to help illustrate your business to the next level!


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Heather Lawrence

Graphic Designer/CEO

Lawrence Creative Designs is certified as a woman-owned business. Heather is passionate about graphic design, web design, photography, and photo editing. Heather is continuing her education to pursue her Bachelor's Degree, having already obtained her Associate's in Graphic Design. She is now furthering her education in Graphic Design and Web Design. In addition, Heather has five years of experience working with businesses on branding, printing, and freelancing. Her story reflects in our logo, the phoenix.

John Lawrence

Business Director

John has a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's in Conflict Management. We value his design perspective at Lawrence Creative Designs. His eye for design through the audience's eye is helpful for the design process.


We were married in October 2016 and are having fun in faith, love, life, and business! We are John and Heather Lawrence, team Lawrence Creative Designs. We love to live life together and support each other. We are a power couple!

We also love to help businesses. So whether you're a small or large business, give us a call, email, or text, and we'll meet with you. Our approach is to sit down and discuss your needs, dreams, and goals. Then, we will illustrate your business to the next level! No matter where you are in your business, it begins with a simple meeting, phone call, or email.